It is a well known fact that fishing offers both physical and physiological benefits for people of all ages and walks of life. Many of us were introduced to fishing at a young age and those who continue to fish are passionate about the sport. FISHBUOY was engineeered to offer fishermen the tools to keep them ontop of fish, and build their knowledgebase.  More knowledge, leads to more fish, and that is what keeps people fishing!  Try FISHBUOY today!

Benefits of Fishing



River & Stream Fishing - Getting to your spot can take miles of walking and serious effort, particularly when your vest/pack is loaded with drinks, food and gear to last the day.

  • Cardio workout (heart and lungs)
  • Physical strengthening of legs, shoulders, back
  • Improves self-esteem and appreciation for the environment

Dock Fishing - Public docks offer an ideal place to teach youngsters how to fish in addition can be a great place for elderly folks to stay in touch with friends and family.

  • Long-term well-being that supports family bonding
  • Relaxation reduces anxiety and lowers blood pressure
  • Mental onloading from a busy day at work

Boat Fishing - Whether trailering a boat or driving from your dock, fishermen understand it takes hard work and lots of effort to prepare for a variety of weather conditions and fishing techniques.

  • Mental preparation considering safety
  • Physical exertion hooking up boat, moving in and out of boat
  • Learning opportunities regarding various boat fishing techniques

Shoreline Fishing - Standing or sitting alongside the bank of a stream, river, reservoir or lake offers young and old an economical way to get involved with fishing.

  • Stress relief and friendship bonding
  • Cardio workout via walking and hiking
  • Environmental awareness that may lead to involvement in fisheries improvement

Fish Habitat Improvement - Organizations such as Trout Unlimited Canada and Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters provide fishermen a way to give back and improve fishing for future generations.

  • Physical health improvement via digging, lifting, moving materials
  • Improved personal mental health and well-being
  • Social benefits through group engagement and communications

Fly Fishing - The traditional technique of catching a fish using an artifical fly involves a deep understanding of Entomology and water conditions.

  • Mental knowledge and learning of insect hatches
  • Phycial exercise and improved balance
  • Encourages fine motor-skills (fly-tying)

Fishing Charters & Guides - Travelling to new waters, targetting new species or needing expert advice on catching your trophy, these businesses create amazing opportunities.

  • Friendships and family bonding
  • Physical exercise in a boat, hiking or walking rivers and streams
  • Building personal knowledge and adding new fishing experiences

Fishing Lodges & Resorts - Booking a trip at a reputable establishment can offer fishermen new scenery and fishing experiences to add to their portfolio.

  • Travel offers a means for expanding the mind
  • Teaches fishermen new fishing techniques
  • Physical activity using all muscle groups during field excursions

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