How to identify a White Sucker
White suckers can be identified by a noticeable protuberant and downward pointing mouth with thick lips covered with small bumps.  The body is shaped like a torpedo and cylindrical with fairly small scales.  Colors may vary but generally have dark green, coppery-brown backs with lighter brownish to silver scales along its body.  White suckers may be found with coarse bumps on the head, anal and caudal fins.

Where to catch Sucker
White suckers are freshwater fish found in the upper Midwest and Northeast in North America, can also be caught as far south as Georgia and New Mexico in the south and west.


How to Identify a White Sucker
 1The mouth is pointed downward with thick lips that have bumps on them.
 2Color of the back can range from dark green or coppery-brown to almost black.
 3Torpedo-like body shape with light brownish-silver sides and small scales


  • Current Edges
  • Drop-Offs
  • Merging Currents
  • Overhanging Trees and Bushes
  • Rivers and Streams
  • Undercuts
  • Dams and Falls
  • Freshwater Lakes and Ponds
  • Outsides of Bends
  • Riparian Zones
  • Rock and Boulder Pockets

Acknowledgements:  We thank TAKEMEFISHING.org (www.takemefishing.org), Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Indiana Department of Natural Resources for their contributions to these FISH FACTS.