Toronto, February 2016, FISHBUOYTM App and FISHBUOYTM Online will be launched at the well-known Toronto Sportsman Show during March 16-20, 2016. FISHBUOY is a new software solution to hit the market and is designed with innovative and easy-to-use features to help novice and expert fishermen identify the best times and locations to fish across North America. FISHBUOY uses a physical and biological-based approach to identify water bodies with the highest potential for fishing success using the proprietary Fishing Success Index (FSI).   Through capturing real-time water and weather data from over 15,000 monitoring stations, FISHBUOY gives fishermen the edge by helping them align their tactics to local fishing conditions.

"FISHBUOY was conceived out of necessity.  There were many times I would plan a fishing trip months in advance, spend tons of money on lures and gear, only to arrive at my destination and realize my timing was off and I had prepared for the wrong water conditions.  FISHBUOY is the solution because it integrates so many factors that experienced fishermen consider when planning their fishing trips. It provides key information about historical and real-time water and weather conditions and allows you to couple this information with your own fish data captured via FISHBUOY App. FISHBUOY also provides the platform for sharing your fish catches publicly or within your private groups so you can layer other fishermens catch data to gain more insight. Anyone serious about catching fish would benefit from FISHBUOY and you can try it for free by downloading if from the Apple Store." Martin Draeger, Founder, President, FISHBUOY


FISHBUOY is a Canadian-based start-up focused on providing fishermen with practical, science-based software solutions that minimize uncertainties and optimize fishing success. Through years of experience in freshwater sports fishing, numerical modeling, environmental data management and geo-statistical data analysis, FISHBUOY has adapted traditional techniques to benefit fishermen. Today, FISHBUOY continues to evolve spatial, temporal and bio-analysis technologies used to improve fishing success within mobile applications, BIG-data networks, social networks and community-driven models.

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