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Looking for a specific species of fish? FISHBUOY TripPlanner offers a database of many popular freshwater sports fish.  Working with fisheries agency across North America, FISHBUOY is compiling one of the most complete freshwater sports fishing inventories across North America.  Once you have identified your target species, FISHBUOY will help you find where they live and when to fish for them using biologic indicators such as pre- and post-spawning periods. Our database is comprised of millions of known fish population found in freshwater lakes, reservoirs, rivers, streams, and creeks, both resident or stocked, across North America.

TROUT: Steelhead | Rainbow | Trout, Brook (Speckled) Trout | Brown Trout | Lake Trout | more coming...
SALMON: Atlantic Salmon | Chinook Salmon | Coho Salmon | Sockeye Salmon | Chum Salmon | Pink Salmon | Kohanee Salmon
ESOCIDAE: Muskellunge | Northern Pike | Walleye | Sauger
BASS: Smallmouth Bass | Largemouth Bass | Striped Bass | White Bass
PANFISH: Crappie | Yellow Perch | Bluegill | Pumpkinseed | Rock Bass | White Perch
OTHER: Lake Whitefish | Channel Catfish | Common Carp | Yellow Sucker | White Sturgeon | Longnose Gar | Bowfin

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